There are many tools that you can use to enhance the visibility and usability of your photography website, boost traffic and hence leads, and many of them are free and easy to use!



A free service that allows a website owner to track who uses their site, from where and why. Google Analytics is a powerful tool for all website owners, because it gives you a clear idea of what people are looking at on your site. You will want to pay attention to the traffic and tailor your website accordingly.


A website that will track all of your online activity, it provides you with a score that indicates how much influence you have online. Klout informs you how many people are following you, how many people are sharing your information and how people are mentioning you in their posts. The social media sites that Klout tracks include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr, Tumblr and WordPress. As a photographer you should have a presence on some if not all of those social networks. Klout is a great tool to gauge how successful your posts are.


A platform that analyses your website and that of your competitors. Information includes a break down of website traffic and referral sources. This market intelligence is invaluable if you are hoping to learn from others and improve your own offering, and can provide leads on relationships that you can subsequently establish online.


A fantastic website to help you with your inbound marketing. In addition to a range of very useful white papers to assist you with your online marketing, the website has a Marketing Grader, which enables you to grade your online marketing and get recommendations on how to improve it.


This tool enables you to make better decisions aimed at a local market with fast, accurate and essential advise on how to improve your local search performance. They have a free trial – make sure to use their citation building tool, which enables you to access the websites that link to your competitors’ sites.


Incorporating a Usability Tool on your website can help you track what your users like what on your site and what they might be looking for in the future – you can therefore cater your content accordingly. Attention Wizard helps you to increase your conversion rates and lets you see where visitors will go as soon as they enter your website. You will want your photos to be visible and easily accessible in order to promote your photography business.


This service offers realtime, in person user testing so that you can ‘get a peek into the mind of your users’. You can even make use of a five minute free user test when you visit the website, which can provide a great insight into the user experience. It is essential to remain objective when producing content, and this tool enables you to do that.


This site provides a heat map of zones on your website. It show you how much or how little each link is clicked on. With the information you receive, you will be able to tailor the different sections of your website to make certain areas more important pages are visible and accessible.


Crowdsourcia gives entrepreneurs the ability to improve the ROI of their projects by having multiple experts collaborate at one time.


The Five Second Test is a quick questionnaire that takes five seconds for a visitor to complete. The questions are based on a screen shot that you provide and the responses are collected and given back to you. This will let you know if people are drawn to a certain type of photo or piece of information on your landing page.

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