Engage Live is evolving

Engage Live is evolving

Engage Live photography training is evolving. In the coming days, we are set to implement changes to how you access our live streamed classes, changes that will enable us to grow and bring you more of the type of education that you love in 2016 and beyond.

So far, we have invested more than £100,000, including money raised through a successful Kickstarter campaign, to bring you incredible education from the world’s leading trainers, and some unknown gems with lots of new ideas. As we move into our next phase, we’re asking Engagers around the world to invest in our future so that we can help to improve yours.

Until now, we have streamed our live classes in full from 10am to 4pm GMT free of charge, giving photographers who have registered to our website for free the chance to tune in and learn new photography and business skills without spending a penny.

From October 5, our live classes will be pay-per-view. Of course, we will still offer some free training, which you can access when you tune in at any point during our two or three-day live classes. After you have enjoyed half an hour of free content, we will offer you the option to invest in the class in order to access the content in its entirety.

Investing in classes as they happen, rather than waiting to purchase them after they have been streamed, means that you will be able to take advantage of our 50% pre-class sale, investing just £49 rather than £100 to view a day-two class, or £75 rather than £150 to view a three-day class.

This investment will not only enable you to view our live classes as they happen, interact with our expert instructors and help to shape class content by posing questions in our live chatroom, it will also give you access to class recordings to stream or download on-demand.

Engage Live is an award-winning elearning provider with ambitions to grow and improve. Help us to programme an even better range of classes in the months ahead by investing in the best photography education in the business.

If you have any questions about this change to the Engage Live service, or suggestions for how we might improve our service for you, please feel free to contact us.