lightroom for beginners

This week we’re streaming our new class, Lightroom For Beginners, from 11am BST, Wednesday, July 27.

Delivered by John Deery – who also designed our Photography For Beginners class earlier this year – the two-hour educational video introduces photographers to the very basics of the Adobe image editing software.

If you’re serious about developing a career in photography, or want to get the absolute best out of your amateur work, then learning Lightroom should be a task at the top of your list.

For those interested in learning more about Adobe Lightroom, here are five things you are sure to pick up when you tune in to the next Engage Live free stream, along with a trailer video to get you in the mood.

1. How To Navigate Through Lightroom

Like opening Adobe Photoshop for the first time, Lightroom on first glance can seem like a daunting piece of kit. True, there are hundreds if not thousands of useful functions within the programme, which you will undoubtedly master in time, but for now it’s best to keep things simple. John does just that, taking us through the main functions step-by-step.

2. How To Organise And Sort Your Images

If your ambition is to shoot weddings, for example, then it is absolutely necessary that you learn how best to collate, collect and store your files. You can do all of that in Lightroom, and this class will get you started.

3. How To Make Adjustments To Your RAW Files

Adding exposure to a particularly dark indoor scene, or simply cropping an image to focus on the real story, is easily done in Lightroom – once you know how!

4. How To Use Targeted Adjustment Brushes To Create Specific Adjustments To Every Part Of Your Image

If a general adjustment won’t work, never fear: Lightroom allows you to zoom in on a particular part of your image and improve it with a multitude of editing tools. Learn how to remove that pesky piece of spinach from a bride’s teeth, and anything else that detracts from the finish of your photography.

5. How To Export Your Work Into A Variety Of Formats, Including Prints, Presentations, PDFs, Books And Web Galleries, All Directly From Lightroom

Exporting correctly is a must to ensure that your images look their very best in all situations and on all platforms. Learn the difference between a PDF and a presentation and how to export your images accordingly.

If you don’t have time to tune in to our next free stream, Lightroom For Beginners class is now available to pre-order. Save £10 by purchasing before July 28 and learn from the class content at your leisure.