Excited to announce a partnership with Fundy to provide an exciting series of educational courses for photographers. Fundy Designer is the world’s number one album design and in-person sales software and you can design, sell, proof and print all in one application. Launching in the coming months, details of the series will be announced on Engage soon.


Our Wedding Album Design class with Sarah Fyffe is one of the most popular classes on Engage. In the class, winner of the PPANI Wedding Album of the Year 2016, Sarah shares her tips on how to design stunning wedding albums that your clients will love using Fundy Designer.

The software empowers photographers to create stunning album designs in no time at all. This approach to help photographers create an amazing business is at the heart of Fundy’s partnership with Engage.

The world’s top photographers use the Fundy Designer to design, proof and sell albums and wall art. Their success is built upon the belief that the printed product is the core of the photography business as well as the core of our clients’ lives. Here’s what some of them have to say about Fundy Designer.


“Fundy Designer made album design so intuitive and creative. Now we don’t have to worry about ratio, horizontal or vertical, or negative space, we can just focus on story telling. Even our clients think Fundy Designer is a genius software.” Danny and Julia Dong

“We can count on the Fundy team to continuously make our lives better by creating products that become the bedrock of our post production workflow.” Ben & Erin Chrisman

“With Fundy I can easily design a full album in 5-7 minutes. I don’t dread album design anymore (in fact I look forward to it), and my clients are always impressed with the speed in which they see their album proofs. I admire Fundy himself for his mission and pride he takes in what he does. He inspires me to print more and enjoy the craft of it as well.” Jen Rozenbaum

“Fundy Software’s Drop Zone® technology is absolutely incredible. That’s what really puts Fundy above the rest.” Jerry Ghionis

“I LOVE Fundy products because they allow me to capture the emotion of the entire event. Grouping photos together in an elegant and contemporary manner is extremely powerful and allows the photographer to paint with all colors, shapes and textures. If the photographer can’t tell the entire story, then their work will lose it’s impact, relevance and vitality. Thanks Fundy for giving me the tools to execute my vision and story!” Scott Robert Lim

“I can design an album in a tenth of the time it would take in another program. That’s what I love about Fundy.” Mike Allebach

“I love how passionate the Fundy team is about photography. Andrew Funderburg has great respect for the printed album, and his love of actual prints is refreshing. It’s wonderful in this day and age of digital files to see someone combining modern technology with a deep desire to bring back the printed image.” Susan Stripling

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