One of the greatest issues image-makers face is the storage and archival of digital files. We’ve all heard those horror stories of hard-drives failing and of people losing valuable data.

Coupled with this is the growing prevalence of ‘the cloud’ and we as a business have moving more and more to cloud based data back-up over the last few years, but have often found it to be an expensive way to back-up data.

As a member of the panel of The Guild of Photographers I was delighted when Steven Thirsk, the Director of the Guild told me about a new service he had negotiated on behalf of members.


Named as “easily the most powerful tool” by TechRadar, CrashPlan is an automatic online back-up system with unlimited back-up protection for up to 4 devices plus unlimited storage and as CrashPlan never delete a file you get unlimited versioning (so if you ever delete a file on your computer you can recover it). You can back-Up external drives too (and they don’t need to stay plugged in) – Even ransomware protection is included. You also get “end to end” security and 24/7 support.

So that all sounds amazing, but what really interested me was the cost. The Guild negotiated the service for £25 + VAT for their members!

“We are very excited by our new partnership with brand leader CrashPlan. On top of all our other fabulous support packages for photographers, including Legal Cover, a Copyright protection service, and a discount at the Apple Store, we can now offer UNLIMITED Back-Up and Storage to members for just £25 per year. It’s an amazingly comprehensive package as even external drives can be backed up without even needing to stay plugged in! The fact this service is provided by Code 42 CrashPlan gives our members absolute reassurance – for CrashPlan NEVER delete a file, even if the member does, meaning everything ever backed up is retrievable. This great new opportunity reflects the Guild’s ongoing commitment to support photographers from all backgrounds!” Steven explains.

‘Go Live’ dates will be arranged in early 2017 if you are interested in signing up to the service contact the Guild at