I’m excited to be travelling to Pheonix, Arizona this weekend for the Showit United Conference.

The goal of the team at Showit is to help grow photographers in their journeys at United and also invite others into the community in the future.

While it’s going to be an amazing experience for those at the conference, you can join us virtually through this experience by registering here.



As a bonus, they will be choosing one lucky registrant to win a free ticket to United 2017!

By claiming your ticket to United Online you will get exclusive access to keynotes and breakout sessions and learn from photography experts on how to grow your business. On Tuesday you can catch a live-stream of two of the main sessions for free to those who register, followed by some bonus breakout sessions and main sessions for a limited time after United.

In the days after United I’ll share a short 1 to 5 minute clip of my talk ‘Life Hacks for an Efficient Business’ which will available to view for one week after the conference.

Here’s some information on the Lifestream speakers and their topics…

Jasmine Star – The Success of Failure

Join Jasmine Star as she talks candidly about a decade of public failures that led to her success. Best yet, she’ll answer the question entrepreneurs ask her the most: What Happens If I Fail at Running My Business?

BIO – In 2006 I started a photography business without money, without experience and without a camera (no, really, without a camera). In 2009 was named Top 10 Wedding Photographers in the World. Over the years, I continued to garner awards (Top 10 Most Influential Photographer and Top 10 Most Socially Influential Photographer, amongst others), but I realized that while my artisanship established my business, my brand is what made it thrive. In 2010 I began consulting creatives on how to build their brands and saw their businesses radically transform in a short amount of time. I soon realized that my life was destined to empower entrepreneurs to create profitable businesses while pursuing what they love. And I can’t wait to join your journey and find ways I can help.

Natalie Franke – Mind Over Matter

Natalie Franke will uncover why some entrepreneurs succeed and others fail. These are the stories of a follower turned renegade, who learned that sometimes you have to make waves in order to turn the tide.

BIO – Natalie Franke Hayes is an International Wedding Photographer, Educator, Speaker, and Founder of the Rising Tide Society. She is also a graduate of The University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Visual Studies and a concentration in Visual Neuroscience and the Psychology of Seeing. She loves discovering ways for small business owners to attract their ideal clientele through modern marketing strategies and works to empower entrepreneurs to thrive.