marketing for photographers using instagram

Instagram – it’s the new frontier for photographers aiming to market their products and services online. Huge in the States, becoming absolutely massive in Europe, it’s a social media platform you need to know more about.

Join us at 12pm GMT on Friday, March as a rewatch a half-hour Instagram masterclass with newborn photographer and PR whizz, Michael Shilling.

Learn what you should be posting to Instagram, how to use hashtags, keep track of your performance using Klout and attract new customers via competitions using Shortstack to link up your Instagram and Facebook accounts.

‘I like to think of our portrait photography business as an octopus with many tentacles reaching out to our customers,’ said Michael. ‘One of those tentacles likes to weave it’s way through a social media whirlpool that’s filled with so much promise. As a photographer, images are our currency and visual social media platforms such as Instagram are the perfect place to exchange that currency into the attention of would be clients.

‘If you’re not putting your images in front of people then how on earth do you expect them to find you? Worse still, if you’re not using your images to remind your past clients how awesome you are, then they may be distracted by the attention sought by others. Instagram is not only a great place to bring new people into your business but an even better place to keep them.’

This rewatch is taken from our two-day Social Media Marketing class and is perfect for Instagram newbies. View on our Live page.