Here at Engage Live, we’re always working to introduce our users to new and exciting photography products that will make your working lives easier.

The latest addition to our supplier directory, then, is Fotoskribe, an outsource blogging service for photographers.

We know that blogging is something that you all want to do, but don’t necessarily have a lot of time for. Rest assured, however, blogging your photography is well worth it.

Google’s search robots just love relevant content, so blogging regularly can improve your SEO, not to mention showcase your products and services to new and existing clients and keep your website fresh.

Fotoskribe does it all for you, posting images from your latest weddings, family sessions, commercial jobs and more and tying them all together with well written, interesting copy.

Check out our latest directory listing for more information.

Want to learn more about blogging as a photographer? Download our two-day Blogging for Photographers class delivered by Harder+Wiggins and featuring a wealth of industry experts.