Blogging for Photographers with Harder+Wiggins

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Join Levi and Shayna Wiggins for two days of learning how to use your blog to drive traffic, position yourself as a thought leader and to generate enquiries.

Grow your business through blogging.

The couple spend much of their days ghost blogging and optimizing blogs to maximize search engine magnetism, and have written for Engage Live on many occasions. Check out their 5 Blog Ideas Your Clients Will Love.

Blogging for Photographers is perfect for photographers at all levels and will enable you to begin your own adventure with words and to use your blog to drive sales.

You’ll learn about:

  • The basics of blogging for photographers
  • Why you don’t do it
  • Why you must do it
  • Stop doing it wrong & wasting your life
  • How to do it – The Easy Way, The Right Way, The Wrong Way or The Hard Way
  • Strong-arm your clients into sharing your blog
  • The mechanics of blog SEO
  • Lost In The Void
  • Become The Black Hole
  • Do more, get more
  • Repetitive, but never redundant
  • Advanced blogging
  • Outsourcing
  • In-sourcing, like a boss
  • Time Management – eating the freshest bread
  • Plan your work, work your plan



  • On-demand access to this class – 20 videos / 7 hour runtime
  • Exclusive bonus materials

1 review for Blogging for Photographers with Harder+Wiggins

  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    This is an invaluable course for anyone who struggles to write their blog or find content for their blog. Levi & Shayna present this amazing workshop in a seamless, very easy to understand way. Entertaining in parts it’s definitely going to motivate and inspire you.

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Harder+Wiggins – Social Content Marketing

Levi was a salesman and Shayna was a teacher, and they joined forces to provide wordsmithing services to the photography industry. They ghost-write, create social content, and provide consulting services that focus primarily on business growth. They’ve had the privilege of working with companies both large and small, as well as photographers in various stages of their careers. In an amusing and humbling turn of events, due to the nature of their work, nearly everything they create is un-credited, because, you know, ghostwriting? Shayna focuses on efficiency and productivity, while Levi gets distracted with creativity and humor. They have worked with Engage since its inception, and are thrilled to be a part of its growth and success.

Learn why blogging is an essential tool for business growth, website traffic and referral business
Learn the practical steps to ensuring blog success
Master the Zen Art of SEO
Fine-tune your blog into a Google-loving traffic magnet
Decide – DIY, or outsource? You’ve got options.
Spend less time, make more money


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