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Copyright for Photographers with Mervyn Smyth

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When you take a picture, you own the copyright of the resulting image and can do with it what you like. But what happens when you upload your images to Facebook, Instagram or elsewhere online? Who owns the copyright then?

Not you. In fact, you shouldn’t be surprised to find your images used in all sorts of commercial projects – on birthday cards, websites, online advertisements – as social networks and other digital platforms sell uploaded files to the highest bidder, often without the knowledge of the photographer. But it’s all in the T&Cs.

That is because the world of intellectual property rights has changed dramatically in recent years, and as aspiring and professional photographers you need to understand how that impacts in your work, your workflow and your bank account.

Written and presented by Mervyn Smyth, Understanding Photography Copyright Law will get you up to speed on how best to present your work to clients. From the initial thought process when shooting to the finished photograph, Mervyn goes through each step in detail, exploring protection of copyright, ownership, licensing and more.

Community Engagement Manager at Belfast Exposed photography gallery, and a vastly experienced documentary photographer, Mervyn has developed accredited courses with Queen’s University, Open Learning and the Open College Network. Learn how to copyright your work and put agreements in place with your clients to protect your intellectual property rights with the latest Engage Live online photography class.


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