Using The Photographer's Ephemeris App To Scout Landscape Locations

On June 15, Engage Live will stream our latest class, Landscape Photography with Steven Hanna, a four-hour video focussing on everything from kit to composition, and featuring a four-location outdoor shoot not to be missed. Tune in from 11am BST, Wednesday June 18 on our Live page – register or log in to view for free. To whet the appetite, here Steven discusses how he goes about scouting beautiful locations to shoot.

One of the frustrating things about landscape photography (apart from the weather!), can be knowing when to head out and where to head to.

One of the things I find extremely useful when planning a trip is an app called The Photographer’s Ephemeris.

This app tells me exactly where the sun is going to be at anytime of the day and in any location I choose.

You can imagine how useful this is when deciding on your plan of attack, as there are certain locations that can only be photographed at certain times of the year. Preparation is key to a good landscape photo!

I was out filming with the the Engage Live team a few weeks back for our upcoming Landscape Photography workshop and we visited a spot along the Causeway cliff path in my native Northern Ireland. I had scouted the location and was there in the late afternoon to shoot some long exposures with the LEE Little & Big Stoppers.

Being able to use the TPE App on my iPhone, I then planned to revisit this exact same location, at both sunrise and sunset.  The three different images produced are all shown below.

You can see how different they all are because of the time of day I visited. But, on each visit, I knew exactly where the sun was going to be and used this to my advantage.

So, next time you plan to head out with your camera, make a conscious decision to think about your location and the position of the sun.

Using The Photographer's Ephemeris App To Scout Landscape Locations


Using The Photographer's Ephemeris App To Scout Landscape Locations