This November our CEO, Donal Doherty will speak at the Showit United Conference in Arizona.

United is a conference for people-loving photographers and creatives seeking to build their businesses through continual learning, community interaction, and lots of hugs.


Here’s a list of the incredible speakers at the conference:

  • Jasmine Star
  • Mary Marantz
  • Justin Marantz
  • Katelyn James
  • Ike & Tash Haynes
  • Natalie Franke
  • Kirsty Dickerson
  • Jenna Kutcher
  • Matt & Carissa Kennedy
  • Jen Olmstead & Jeff Shipley
  • Tomayia Colvin
  • Melissa Jill
  • Montana Dennis
  • Ben Turner
  • Hope Taylor
  • Lukas Vandyke
  • Kenny Kim
  • Holli True
  • Amy & Jordan Demos
  • Keith Powell
  • Ben Hartley
  • Donal Doherty

Click here to find out more about United and find out how to attend this November in Tempe, Arizona.