wedding photographers go above and beyond

It’s always a long day for the hard-working wedding photographer.

Up with the birds, they are invariably on hand to shoot the bride and groom in the morning, at the ceremony, with their bridesmaids and groomsmen before dinner, with their families at the venue, and dancing in the evening.

While the guests can then let their hair down, the lowly wedding photographer faces the often long drive home. They earn their crust, do wedding photographers.

Many will even go the extra mile to ensure that their clients are happy, content and stress free on their big day, by doing things that are never mentioned in contracts, from giving lifts to guests to bringing sandwiches for the peckish brides.

Here, seven Engagers reveal how they regularly go above and beyond in their day-to-day work.

Carla Ainscough: While shooting weddings, I usually end up putting the bride in her dress, as mum and bridesmaids are often busy with their own outfits. I also wear an outfit with big pockets so that I can carry hairpins, lipstick and anything else the bride may need on the day.

Carmel Garvey: I have supplied brides with flip flops when they can’t walk in their shoes to the location for posed photos. Also, I bring a cooler with water and sandwiches for the bridal party while they’re getting their photos taken. I’ve carried handbags for the mother of the bride and others, sewed on buttons when they’ve popped off unexpectedly. Basically, on the morning of the wedding, I’m there in part to help reduce the bride’s stress levels.

Michael Love: During one wedding, the videographer didn’t turn up, so we offered to use a spare camera we had with us to film what we could. It may not have been top quality footage, as we weren’t particularly skilled with shooting film, but it was something, and we gave it to the couple for free.

Clare Woolford: At one wedding, I drove the groom to church after the best man left without him! At another, I helped to clean the function room at 1am in the morning, and then drove the couple to their hotel. I have ironed outfits, given lifts to guests and always bring white umbrellas to keep everyone dry if it rains. My small handbag is full of tissues, mints, wet wipes, clips, pins, hairspray, painkillers and plasters and tit tape, and is often called into use.

Sharon Forbes Stronge: I carry a ‘quick fix’ bag to weddings, including plasters, hair clips, hooks for dresses, needle and thread, lip gloss, rescue remedy, plus a trolley dolly suitcase in the boot with ‘flatties’ for the girls, towels if they get their feet dirty, water, crisps, mints, tissues, hairspray, deodorant…

Donal Doherty: During one wedding, the mother of the groom had fallen ill the day before and wasn’t able to attend. The wedding went by relatively smoothly. Usually, my second shooter and I leave after the first few dances, but instead, on this occasion, I offered to take the bride and groom to the hospital one hour away with the same day slideshow on my laptop, so that the groom’s mother could watch the slideshow. Obviously, she was in tears, for all the right reasons. Then I drove the bride and groom back to the venue. That was certainly going above and beyond.

Rob Dolton: I do carry some things to weddings, such as a mirror and umbrella, but the most important thing I carry the whole day is a smile. Any occasion can get stressful, so if the clients see that you’re having a great time and seem in control, it will relax those around you.