Vlogging is an incredible way to reach audiences and to engage them in ways not possible through text and images alone. With video accounting for 69% of all consumer internet traffic, it’s no surprise then that many businesses are vlogging to grow their business and why you should too. Outlined in this blog are four reasons why you might want to start vlogging for your business.

Attention Grabbing Tool

When we compare written text and spoken word, people are far more likely to remember the latter due to the personal engagement; so much so that in 65% of cases, people remember the information from a video up to 3 days after watching. People naturally pay attention to motion, a video featuring an interesting vlogger will have much more influence that just text or images.

Vlogging Community

Although the accessibility of vlogs and the easy-to-remember nature plays a big part in why they work so well, the personality behind the vlog is what makes people stick around. Successful lifestyle vloggers have built up a connection with their audience, the openness and honesty this allows just builds on an already strong vlogger-viewer relationship. Vloggers are free to be open and discuss everything in their life, both the good and the bad; this is something people appreciate. The more the audience follows the vloggers example, the more interaction and communication there’ll be between the audience and vlogger, in this day and age of social media an online community can grow daily. And the more the network grows, the more the vloggers popularity grows.

Driving Action

As already mentioned, subscribers admire the confidence and honesty lifestyle vloggers possess. However, it’s much more than putting yourself out there and knowing how to work the camera. Having a meaningful topic to talk about and expressing your thoughts and feelings makes people relate to you, this encourages the audience to speak up as well, the audience are likely to be inspired and take action.


While a video may not reach everyone straight away, it stays online for years, giving more time for people to engage. But beyond this simple measure of time, what makes the longevity of blogs really important is the emotional response to a video. Any vlog that brings out an emotional response has the power to bring people back again and again.

Our neurobiological systems between memory and emotional arousal are tightly connected, which under hormonal influences regulates the creation of long-term memory. Pleasant emotions are remembered better, suggesting that the subscribers will try to retrieve the happy emotion by watching the vlog again. Whether that may be in 5 minutes or several years later.