Delivering relevant content to your target audience is a daunting task, regardless of your brand. Even established firms can sometimes have trouble reaching to their target audience as marketing today is a combination of factors that requires a special mix of ingredients to get right.

Working towards that end, however, social video marketing is currently at the top of the game. Choosing video as a way to promote your business is incredibly effective, both as far as actual users are concerned and as far as services like Google are concerned.

More specifically, 98 percent of users admit to watching videos in order to learn more about products and services. And for its part, Google is 53 times more likely to rank content on its first page when videos are used.

As such, not considering video as part of social marketing is simply unfathomable. There are so many viable social networking platforms to choose from today that marketing campaigns cannot do without them, and shouldn’t want to in the first place.

For instance, Facebook provides an incredibly efficient way of creating awareness and engaging directly with your target audience. It allows for back-and-forth communication that is simply invaluable.

Even platforms like Snapchat are now consistently and effectively used for social marketing. After all, Snapchat is very popular amongst young people, a target audience which is notoriously hard to reach otherwise.

For more information, check out Filmora’s infographic on why you should choose video to promote your business, complete with statistics and tips for your own business.

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