Following on from my last blog post on how to supercharge sales from your online gallery, I share a few tips on how we drive traffic to our ShootProof gallery.

  1. After the shoot we share the gallery with the couple and explain to them how to share with the friends and family. Make it easy for them to share. Give them the link and maybe include a paragraph they could copy and paste to share with friends. Also encourage them to share on social media. We’ve found when people share the link to social, a lot more people will view the gallery. If the bride is reluctant to share the gallery because of a few images she’d prefer to keep private (i.e. perhaps intimate getting ready photos) she’ll have the¬†ability to hide images before sharing the gallery with friends and family.

2. On the wedding day we do a same day slideshow. Sometimes this is on a screen and other times it’s on a laptop. You could have an iPad set-up for guests to provide their email address to get emailed a link to the gallery when it goes live.

3. You can set-up your gallery before the event and provide a link so when it goes live people have access. As you’ve collected their email address you can email them directly from ShootProof to let those who’ve registered know it’s live! We’ve tried different ways of doing this over the years and we found little cards with an image from the couple’s engagement session and a note on how to access the gallery works really well.

4. In addition the couple could provide a link to the online gallery in their thank you cards. Some photographers provide the couple with complementary thank you cards (which are relatively inexpensive) with the gallery address to drive people to access it. I remember years ago my mum and dad went to a wedding and the thank you card had the info for the gallery. Mum couldn’t wait to access the gallery and she ended up ordering a few prints from the day! As well as driving sales from your online gallery this is a great way to market to those who attended the wedding.

4. You can add a page with all your shoots on your site so people can easily find the images from the wedding they attended. I really like how the page can be customised to look on brand with the rest of your website.

Once people have visited your online gallery you can target them using the automated emails discussed in my last blog. Share your ideas for driving traffic to your gallery in the comments below. Join me for tomorrow’s blog where I share how we generate sales using the emails you’ve gathered for a flash sale!