This guide breaks down the benefits of, why you need to, and how to get started with vlogging.

What is Vlogging?

To put it simply, vlogging is posting videos online, and yet, it is much more than that. A video blog or video logging is the future of free speech, advertising, and a true democratic society.

A vlog is an interactive video blog post about upcoming events or a vlogger’s daily life, as well as any other activity a vlogger thinks is worth mentioning through a video, instead of writing it on their blog.

A few years back, when blogging slowly began to take over the internet, audio or video podcasts started to appear in order to make blogs more meaningful and impactful. Actually, it was a tool to engage participants in the blog and connect interactive journalism with the ever-growing number of bloggers.

However, these simple segments took over and became sufficient content for attracting the broader public. Nowadays, vlogging is a cultural phenomenon that allows content creators to efficiently reach their audience with the use of inexpensive equipment and through a wide spectrum of available social media platforms.

Why is Vlogging Popular?

How many times a day do you take out your phone, tablet or laptop to see what’s new and trending? All those diverse social media sites bombard us with notifications and ‘must see’ videos every day. But their approach, regardless of how annoying it can be, actually works. One click and we are right back there, scrolling, judging, liking, and sharing posts.

That being said, video offers the best form of live interaction with an audience. After all, visual aids have the highest impact on people. The power of imagery is so strong because it’s directly linked to memory retention.

According to 2017 marketing statistics, 71% of online marketers use visual assets in social media marketing as visual content is 40x more likely to get shared. Our brain also processes videos 60,000 times faster than text. And internet users love videos – the average consumer will watch approximately 206 videos per month.

Empowered with this information, video blogging statistics predict that 84% of communications will be visual by 2018. In addition, it is expected that 79% of internet traffic will be video content by the following year.

Types of Vloggers

The same rules that apply for bloggers apply for vloggers as well. There are numerous stories to be told following the chosen theme, whether that may be about photography, health, food, travel, tech, finance, and so on. Depending on their purpose, there are different types of vloggers and different types of vlogs.

On the other hand, although there are many “how to” videos on YouTube, the essential requirement for being a successful blogger is to be interesting and amusing. As a result, there are four main types of vloggers and three categories of regular usage, including:

  1. Daily Vloggers

Daily vloggers are people who post videos on a daily basis, informing their audience of their whereabouts and activities throughout the day. Vlogging is their job and work they do each day to engage their followers and raise more views and subscriptions.

  1. Weekly Vloggers

This type of vlogger collects events throughout the whole week and edits them together in a video. Due to lack of time, views or fun activities, they gather the most interesting events to create something catchy and worthy of sharing.

  1. Occasional Vloggers

These vloggers post vlogs only when they have something special to share, such as taking up a challenge, meeting someone famous, performing pranks, getting awards, etc.

In terms of the most viewed content, vloggers can be divided into:

  • Beauty Vloggers – Fashion, hair, and makeup tips.
  • Gaming Vloggers – Video games and strategies; gaming vloggers often record themselves playing and commenting on the game.
  • Lifestyle Vloggers – A digital representation of a vlogger’s daily activities and interests. They talk about their lives, funny stories, and their personal opinions.
  • Entertaining Vloggers – Internet challenges, pranks, Q&A, boys will be boys, content for laughs.


What are the Benefits of Vlogging?

A vlog can transform the way we look at the world and ourselves, but when it comes to business, it can make a significant impact. My daily vlog in August 2016 boosted our sales that month by 450%!

With that in mind, let’s go over the main advantages of becoming a vlogger.

  1. Healthy Hobby

Apart from using a vlog to document your life as a personal journal, starting a private vlog could open your eyes to the way you appear and act. You can monitor your progress of self-discovery, which can significantly improve your lifestyle.

In addition, confronting your problems by saying them out loud makes it easier to deal with them. This especially goes for people coping with mental illness, as they can get support and support others via vlogging. Suddenly, you realise you are not alone and find individuals who are going through or have been in the same position as you are.

  1. Building Confidence

A vlog can help you face your fear of public speaking and can be a great confidence booster.

Using a vlog as a confidence builder is the best way to loosen up and learn how to communicate properly. The chances are some will like it, some will not, but even in the case of bad reviews, there will be a number of supporting followers. Still, learning to deal with criticism is a virtue of healthy and happy people.

  1. Starting an Online Career

Vlogging can be a lucrative online profession, but don’t expect it to happen overnight. Most vloggers keep their jobs while making vlogs, because they know that, in reality, it takes time and strength to create quality content and get noticed for it. However, there are numerous successful vloggers who traded their jobs for a vlogging career. Just as everything else in life, they did it with great passion, energy, dedication, and with a few disappointments along the way.

  1. Making Connections

Some vloggers gain significant notoriety through their vlog. If you give support to other vloggers, they will often endorse your vlog in return. Therefore, the main focus when first starting should be on building relations with others, as it provides perks such as expanding your follower base and getting more vlogging opportunities than you would otherwise.

Advantages of creating a vlog for business:

  • Attracts more visitors;
  • Boosts the search ratings;
  • Showcase your products or services perfectly;
  • Highly engaging for audiences;
  • Can attract other opportunities


How to Become a Vlogger?

It seems like everyone can become a vlogger these days, yet, to be a recognized one, it takes more than opening a YouTube channel, but it’s a promising start. Take our free vlogging webinar online to learn how to create, shoot, edit and share a vlog.

Nevertheless, YouTube is the second search engine after Google with over 1 billion people visiting each month and almost 5 billion views per day. If you’re considering testing your luck with a self-made vlog, include the following steps in the process.

Step 1.

Research some famous vloggers and try to identify what makes them so popular. Learn about the equipment they’re using and listen to their helpful advice. Still, try not to copy their vlogs. Moreover, understand the full potential of a good marketing video as it’s the key of attracting faithful followers.

Step 2.

Follow your passions and decide on a theme of the vlog. Think about what you will say, wear, and how you will behave in front of the camera. Also, try to find a memorable name for your YouTube channel to attract followers and help with SEO.

Step 3.

No matter how decent your camera is, invest in a tripod. Avoid posting shaky videos, and understand light and composition for beautiful looking video.

Step 4.

Find a suitable location for shooting. Don’t be afraid to get creative!

Step 5.

The moment has come to start filming, so relax and be yourself. People can notice when someone is pretending to be someone they’re not. Take a deep breath, press record, and smile while talking about what you know.

Step 6.

Don’t drag on and speak about insignificant topics just to prolong the video. Say what you had in mind and stop shooting or else you risk being boring.

Step 7.

Post your video online and focus on building relationships with other vloggers. After the first, record another video, and trust me, it will get easier with each following post. Remember to tag and share your vlog on social media and promote your work on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and other platforms.

Step 8.

Congratulations! You are now officially a vlogger.

Vlogging Ideas for Beginners: How to Make Money Vlogging?

Firstly, market your videos through social networks, making sure to use tags. You could allow others to advertise on your YouTube content. With the use of Google AdSense, you can make a profit by giving permission to Google to display ads on your videos. This service is free to use and it allows you to collect a percentage of Google’s commission everytime someone views commercials on your content.

Another way to generate revenue is to create a unique brand. While building the connections, use the power of a logo and original name to sell clothing, your services or branded merchandise. The revenue you generate could offset your production costs or simply promote other brands and their products to earn some cash and freebies.

Another way to generate revenue is to find sponsors for your YouTube channel. Try contacting companies who share your DNA directly and write a proposal or wait for them to come to you once your videos goes viral.

You can also make money from sharing affiliate codes in the description of your video if you reference products on your vlog. Amazon has a great scheme which enables you to make revenue when someone clicks on the link. You get a commission for anything they buy in the next 24 hours.

Who are the Famous Vloggers?

There are a lot of quality YouTubers making some serious money vlogging. Here is the list of 5 vlog superstars who earn their paychecks by order of popularity:

  1. PewDiePie – One of the most successful YouTube stars, with over 54 million subscribers and $15 million profit in 2016.
  2. TheDiamondMinecart – Daniel Middleton is a Minecraft commentator and a reviewer of gameplays videos with 14.4 million subscribers, with the income of $213,000-$2.5 million.
  3. Roman Atwood – The prankster whose videos got him 10, 152, 692 subscribers and an income of $8 million.
  4. Lily Singh – A popular comedian with 10, 296, 350 followers and $7.5 million profit.
  5. Yuya – The young beauty tutorials superstar with 17.8 million subscribers and $41, 000 per month from YouTube revenue alone.

Final Thoughts

If you are still wondering whether vlogging pays off, well it does and on multiple levels. From improving the way you approach people, increasing your confidence and helping to calm anxieties, to building long-lasting relationships with subscribers and powerful brands. Vlogging is the future and a lifestyle choice that only a few can really pull off. Nevertheless, it is great tool for expressing your thoughts and the most fun career one can have.