Every black Friday we launch an online sale via my online gallery, ShootProof. My phone doesn’t stop all day, with PayPal notifications for print sales from weddings I had shot this year. This passive income takes minimal effort as you’ve already done the hard part, so what’s stopping you from running a flash sale?

I moved to ShootProof a couple of years ago after trying most other online gallery solutions. At the time I was using two galleries, one to sell to clients with the digital files (I price at £350 for a wedding) and I loved the way the gallery presented the images in a Pinterest style layout. However it didn’t offer print sales in the UK and the procedure for proofing with clients was limited. The second gallery offered clients the option to order prints. It was double the work and cost.

I’d learned about ShootProof at WPPI a couple of years ago from Phillip and Eileen Blume and a couple of my industry friends were raving about how good it was. A year ago I took the leap, frustrated with having to use (and pay) for two solutions.

I loved it straight away, it looks better than anything I’d seen and had much better functionality and usability. The Shoot’Proof’ is in the pudding of course and clients love it and it lead to less admin and more sales.

In this blog I’ll explain how I went about running a flash sale which netted me hundreds of pounds with a very small amount of effort. Here’s how you can do the same.


One of the cool things about ShootProof is that you can set it up to collect emails once you release the gallery. Visitors to the gallery have to login with their email address and this keeps their favourites.



You can then view those who have visited the gallery. For example you can see below 67 people have viewed the top gallery. I shoot 50 weddings a year, so you can imagine that’s a lot visitors to the galleries over the year.


You can run an offer and email all these visitors to the gallery to notify them. Also when the gallery is due to expire you can let visitors know as they may wish to purchase before the gallery is taken offline. Typically with our standard wedding collections the gallery will be live for 12 weeks from the release date, but couples can enable downloads on the gallery and extend the life of the gallery for another year for £350.

It’s important to encourage your clients to share their gallery with friends and family as you want as many people to login and enjoy the images as possible and to capture their email address in the process.


Of course everyone has an opinion on how much you should charge for prints on your online gallery. Here’s mine and my reasoning. I used to charge a lot more for prints from my weddings than I do now (probably 60% more), but I’ve found over recent years print sales dropping over time. After testing with my market I found I could increase my sales if I dropped the cost of the prints. Think volume. I make a small amount on lots of prints. Here’s an overview of the prints I offer and I’ve blocked out in blue costs etc, but register with ShootProof to find this out. The prints are fulfilled by Loxley Colour which means we make less as they are fulfilling, but it’s also a lot less hassle than it would be for us to print and ship.


I’ve also set up some special offers, so while delivery isn’t included, if the client spends £50 delivery is free.

The first step is setting up your sale is to create a specific price list for your sale. You can make a copy of your existing list and just change the price of each print. Here’s my Black Friday / Cyber Monday Price list.


Once you have saved your list you can now select which galleries to apply it to.

Click Photos > Galleries > Select your gallery i.e. Eve & Tom > Settings > Scroll down to Prints and select your new price sheet under Price Sheet.


Ok so we’re now all set-up to sell with your sale pricing, so time to let visitors to the gallery know about the sale.


At the top of the page select Studio > Templates > New Template > Select Email Template Type – I selected Gallery Expiring notice as it adds a little clock to the page and I thought this might help add a sense of urgency that this offer was time-bound and limited. Then write your email. Here’s mine.


As you can see I kept it short and sweet. I love the ability to merge with the couples name so it makes it really quick to apply this template to each gallery and it will populate the couple’s name and gallery name into those fields.


Time to send. Here’s how to do that…

Dashboard > Recent Gallery Activity click view all > Click on Visitors who have not placed an Order on your selected gallery. Then click on Email > Under Template select your template and SEND!


Now it’s time to sit back and let the orders roll in. As we priced the prints at a low cost, when a visitor purchased just one small print we made around £1, but on the average we made £35 profit. The result of this flash sale meant with a few minutes work on Thursday we made hundreds of pounds on Friday.


Next time I run a sale I’m going to email a few days before to give people more notice about the sale in advance, as I know this will help generate even more sales.


A flash sale to me is win win for everyone and you can run an event like this for a number of key dates throughout the year. You make a little profit and your clients and their friends get to order professional printed images at an insanely great price…so what are you waiting for!

If you’re interested in learning more about ShootProof or are an existing user register for our free 40 minute webinar tomorrow at 11am GMT and get email templates to help you automate your workflow. Learn more about the webinar here and claim your spot.