Three new interns have joined us for the summer months, each with a similar interest in videography, but offering different qualities and skills to Engage Live HQ. In this blog post each of the new interns give thoughts and tips about video and marketing from a millennials perspective. 


Build up a community!


A community that enjoys your content will be your biggest fans and also your harshest critics. Without them you won’t know what is working and what isn’t, what’s the right or wrong sort of content to put out there for the world to see. While you have the task of creating your content and uploading it online, the greater task of getting it out to a much larger audience that will hopefully come into the fold falls to them, as they will be the people liking, commenting and sharing which will gather attention. An engaging, caring and supporting but critical community is probably one of if not, the most important ingredients to an online success.


Content is King


Or Queen. For me, content and consistency are intrinsically linked. If you’re consistently putting out quality content, you will see the benefit in your business. Having a really amazing promo video can do wonders, what’s even better is that if you have enough to work with, you can re-edit the main video to put out on different platforms. Having an online presence on various platforms is so key, from a millennials perspective, so many people I know won’t actually use a company if they can’t find them on Instagram and Facebook.

Naturally I’m interested in video as a film student, but iconography, images and clips do well online, they get the main message out simply and effectively. To summarise, whatever the mode, good content that’s targeted right will perform well. Create, upload, and maximise your online presence!


Editing as Story-Telling


The core of editing an effective promo video isn’t simply putting together a random selection of clips to catchy music. It’s story. Pin-point what your brand has to say, what makes it unique and what it has to offer. You should find a natural narrative for your promo video, the audience will have a better response, making them more likely to share and come back to the brand.”

Ultimately, what is the story of your brand?

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