Child Portraiture with Sasha De Paz

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‘This class has relit my enthusiasm for photography. I had the best three-day experience.’

‘Absolutely amazing workshop. Completely inspired. Thank you Engage and Sasha de Paz!’

Build and sustain a profitable children’s portrait photography business with the award-winning expert Sasha De Paz.

Sasha will share exactly what she does in her business, with actionable steps you can follow. You’ll learn exactly what it takes to create and build a successful photography business to make massive progress in your business.

You’ll learn about:

  • Changing Trends of Child Portraiture
  • Natural Light V Studio
  • The Business of Kids
  • Posing Kids
  • Realising your Potential and Passion
  • Lifestyle Photo Shoots
  • Location Location Location
  • Image Critique
  • Props
  • Booking Sessions
  • Educating your Clients
  • Managing Expectation
  • Vision and Story telling
  • Lighting Troubleshooting
  • Essential Equipment
  • Skype Sessions with Special Guests
  • Branding your Business
  • Marketing Sessions
  • Pricing Confidence
  • Being a Niche Photographer
  • Workflow: Backing Up Images
  • Post Production
  • Using Marketing Tools
  • Digital V Wall Art
  • Presenting to Clients
  • Maintaining Client Relationships


If you dream of creating a photography business that celebrates children in a natural and authentic way, while running a business which enables you to have an amazing lifestyle, join Sasha de Paz for Child Portraiture and say yes to an amazing business and life.



  • On-demand access to this class – 40 videos / 12 hour runtime

2 reviews for Child Portraiture with Sasha De Paz

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    As a member of the audience for this class, I can honestly say it was the best 2 days ever! Sasha is lovely…so honest and open and happy to share her techniques and approach to child portraiture. I was completely inspired by her. Anyone who purchases this class will be impressed with the amount of valuable content shared by this amazing photographer!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    I am writing this review on this child portraiture with Sasha De Paz as what I can only describe it as AMAZING ….. I attended this class with Sasha as part of the live audience (thanks to the engage team ) it was amazing couple days, it was full of knowledge , she had showen us her techniques and the day to day running of her business from booking her cilent to the final ordering session, She has inspired me and made me take a step back and think what I wanted from my business. It has made me push my business forward and what type of clients I want booking me and to be confident in pricing. Anyone thinking of purchasing this class won’t be let down ! Also to add she is amazing photographer and has lots to share. Sasha is openly sharing all her knowledge and I think it’s one of the most interesting course I have attended, my head was filled with valuable information that was needed to move forward in my business ! Thanks Sasha

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I come from a family of keen amateur photographers and artists. My grandfather was obsessed with photography, he took hundreds of images during the Second World War, after which he began to collect film cameras and lenses. Despite never being allowed to touch the coveted collection as a curious child, they’ve now been passed down to me in his own quiet nod to the fact that I’d finally been bitten by the bug.

As a proud mum of two insanely active boys, I’ve spent a inordinate amount of time on touchlines of many rugby, football and cricket matches. Frustratingly though, never being able to take a half decent action shot with a regular point and shoot, so in 2009 I decided to buy a DSLR with a zoom lens and fancied myself as a bit of a sports photographer. I got the camera home and realised I’d just invested an enormous amount of money on something I knew absolutely nothing about, so I put it on manual and set about annoying anyone and everyone in my path in a bid to learn everything I could.

6 years later after a lot of grafting and many early mistakes, I now live in London running my own full time business as a Child Photographer. Having photographed hundreds of children, witnessed many parents cry with joy, documented newborns through to their tentative early years, I know for sure that buying my camera in 2009 was definitely one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I run a business doing something I absolutely adore, having started from the bottom teaching myself everything with determination and hard work, I’m able to give parents my own style of beautiful timeless images that will last for generations, not just a trend.

I don’t have a degree in Photography or any fancy letters after my name, but this I see only as a positive because I didn’t start out with any rules or expectations. However, one thing I know is that that courses like these helped me beyond measure because they allowed me to watch, learn and grow the business with help from people who were succeeding in the industry and sharing their experiences, good and bad!

  • Background on SDP
  • Portraiture trends over the years
  • Understanding the business of Child Portraiture
  • Studio V Natural light
  • Marketing your business
  • Top 15 Marketing ideas
  • Realising brand awareness
  • Confidence in pricing
  • Finding your voice/style
  • Booking sessions
  • Shooting on location
  • Understanding lighting
  • Troubleshooting on location
  • Utilising props and clothing for a shoot
  • Posing children confidently
  • The art of storytelling
  • Post production workflow
  • Culling & post processing
  • Using and creating your own presets in Lightroom
  • Marketing tools for client viewings
  • Presenting to clients with confidence
  • Securing your sales


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