Wedding & Portraiture with Richard P Walton

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Join one of the photography industry’s most innovative and exciting photographers, the multi-award-winning Richard P. Walton, for this three day class on experimental wedding and portraiture.

Walton will photograph two live shoots – one edgy and urban, involving one female model, the other involving a bride and groom pair in a rural setting – which he will set up, shoot and process according to his own inimitable style.

This class will also involve an audience, who will offer up their images for critique. Walton is spend time editing images in Photoshop, revealing his tried and tested techniques for making the usual unusual, the ordinary extraordinary. This is truly an Engage class not to be missed.


  • On-demand access to this class – 22 videos / 13 hour runtime

2 reviews for Wedding & Portraiture with Richard P Walton

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Adam de-Ste-Croix

    Great to see the in depth vision of a different wedding photography. Richard speaks in an honesty manner and creates some interesting compositions

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Mariana Carrillo (verified owner)

    Richard P Walton’s Wedding & Portraiture class ROCKS!! I have been binge watching lesson after lesson and I can’t stop (because it’s that good). Richard is inspiring and empowers photographers to embrace their difference and do what works for them – which is incredibly refreshing.

    I have new ideas, feel empowered, am excited, etc. etc. !! And I still have half of the course to go. I wonder what more inspiration and magic I will implement into my photography as a result of this course? 😉

    And his accent is so amazing to listen to. Perhaps that’s why I’m binge watching… 😉

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imgID17823723I am a freelance photographer providing studio and location photographs for agency, editorial, corporate clients and more. I have been taking photographs professionally for eleven years. During this time I have been on a journey to discover the artist within. I have always had a passion for creating original photographs that come from my own visions and ideas. I want to push my own limits as a photographer and push my clients limits, giving them an experience they will never forget whilst making them feel good about themselves. I have been fortunate to travel the world taking photographs and teaching other photographers. I want to help people understand that it is O.K to be an individual in this world. Photography gives me a reason, a purpose and a great excuse to do the things I want to do in life, it has lead me to amazing places and introduced me to some amazing people. The limitless nature of photography drives me, like a drug, it is an addiction I can’t quit, it’s endless possibilities mean I can never get bored, never reach the top, it’s always evolving and opening my mind.

1. Discover that great photography really comes from the mind and imagination not the latest camera gear.

2. By striving to be original you will start to separate yourself from the crowds of photographers and start to become a unique artist. I will be sharing with you some cost free ideas that can help you become more individual.

3. It’s so important to have your style these days, I want to open your minds and help you discover that achieving a style is easier than you probably think. The easiest way to stand out from the crowd is to be different. It’s pretty simple really.

4. Once you have a good understanding of the technical side of photography you will be free to concentrate on the more important things like having fun with your clients and giving them an experience they will remember forever.

5. It’s O.K to be individual, anyone can learn to be a photographer but it’s the artist within us that will set us aside from our competitors and make our dreams come true. We all have the potential, we just need to think outside the box a little. Come along for a fast fun light hearted experience that will hopefully make you stop and ask yourself the question ‘What do I really want in photography and life?’ The latest kit and technology is not the answer….

6. I will show you how you can achieve great studio lighting anywhere using the small but powerful Elinchrom Quadra lighting kit. Light is light, but with the right direction and modifiers you’ll learn that it’s really not as hard as it seems.

7. This is a perfect for photographers who wish to capture great shots in camera.

8. Learn how to mix both available light and flash lighting to get some great exposures in camera. My methods involve manual camera and flash operation, forget TTL and other auto settings, by working manually you will have consistent results every time and also have a much better understanding of how things work.

9. Understand directional lighting and important it is when lighting people. I will be teaching a fail safe method that will help make your clients look their best in all photographs.

10. Learn a ‘off camera flash’ method that works great in any situation, both indoors and out. A technique that will make you understand how amazing off camera flash can be. I think a good understanding of off camera flash is something every professional photographer should have. Flash is the most versatile piece of kit in the artificial lighting world. It can save you in any situation, from bright sun to low indoor light.


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