Off Camera Flash For Weddings with Steven Neeson

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Join award-winning wedding photographer Steven Neeson and get to grips with photographing weddings using off camera flash. Having shots hundreds of weddings, and delivered many hands on workshops, Steven is an authority on the subject.

Learn about the essential equipment you need, how to expose and pose subjects, utilise off camera flash both outdoors and indoors, and edit images that your clients will love. ‘I will teach how to use off camera flash at weddings efficiently and successfully,’ says Steven. ‘Stress free, with stunning results.

‘We will go through things like balancing light using off camera flash, creating dramatic effects including turning day into night, using colour and creating cinematic images. I will use the latest off camera flash technology from Phottix like the new Odin ii TTL controller, the Phottix Mitros+ and Indra 500 flash units.

‘I believe taking images correctly in camera but also believe that we need to finish an image correctly in post to give it that final touch. I will demonstrate how to get the best from images shot using off camera flash, how to finish a masterpiece for your client.’


  • 2 hours 20 minutes of HD educational video downloads


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