marketing bootcamp 2.0

Marketing Bootcamp 2.0

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Product Description

In December 2014, Engage Live ran our first live course, a five hour Marketing Bootcamp. It remains one of our most popular courses, containing a ton of useful information.

With digital marketing evolving on an almost weekly basis, however, many things have changed since then.

In order to help you to market your photography business in the current digital landscape, we’ve decided to compile an entirely new class, Marketing Bootcamp 2.0.

Topics tackled include automation, Facebook advertising, blogging, Instagram marketing, Google AdWords, email advertising, submitting work to blogs, video marketing and more.

Utilising the latest social media techniques and new innovative marketing trends, this class is fronted by Engage Live founder Donal Doherty and features a range of expert speakers.

bea lubas on instagramBea Lubas on Instagram
Food photographer and Engage Live trainer Bea Lubas talks about her experience marketing online using Instagram. Massive in the States, the image file sharing social network is becoming increasingly popular across Europe and further afield. Find out how Bea amassed a community of 30,000 followers, routinely gets thousands of likes and finds work by sharing beautiful imagery.


wSfvRiiMBryan Caporicci on Automation
American wedding photographer turned software developer Bryan Caporicci is the voice and driving force behind the popular photography podcast Sprouting Photographer. The mastermind behind the all-in-one photography management programme Sprout Studio, Bryan talks about the power of automation from a marketing point of view.


13254913_10154207652526477_5721046804142602512_oMelissa Love: Blogging Like A Boss
Website designer to the photography stars, Melissa Love launched The Design Space in 2013 to develop amazing brands for small businesses – including the Engage Live brand. In this class, Melissa talks about the process of blogging as a free and relatively painless marketing exercise.


AP_600Andrew Palmer on Google AdWords
If you want to come out top in Google search results but your SEO isn’t up to scratch, you can buy your way into the public consciousness by running pay-per-click ad campaigns. Outside of social media, Google AdWords should be your first port of call, and here Elegant Marketplace founder Andrew Palmer takes us through setting up a Google AdWords account and designing a successful campaign step-by-step.


CacMkTpWwAAdbXRJenny Johnston on Facebook Advertising
Marketing guru Jenny Johnston regularly talks at photography shows around the world, and works for The 3XM Solution, an digital marketing service for photographers. Here Jenny talks in depth about how Facebook advertising has changed over the past year by setting up an ad from scratch. Learn about Facebook’s ever evolving algorithm and how best to attract audiences to your photography business’s Facebook page with text, imagery and video.



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