Print sales are dead! Have you ever felt like that?

Years ago print sales were a steady income generator for wedding photographers, but many of you have shared that your print sales are virtually non-existent these days.

Yet with that said, over the last few years we’ve implemented changes that have seen our print sales steadily increase.

How have we done it?

By increasing immediacy and using the automation of our online gallery ShootProof.

If you share your online gallery to your client and don’t have an expiration date, there’s no immediacy for them to make an order.

By taking a few simple steps you can create immediacy which encourages your clients to place an order.

  1. Set an expiration date for your gallery. For engagement sessions we have a two week window for people to place an order. Wedding galleries stay live for 12 weeks, and clients can extend for a year and enable downloads by upgrading. After that time the gallery will be taken down and no orders can be placed. Educating your client about the process is incredibly important so they know what to expect after the shoot.

2. You can email your client directly from ShootProof to release their gallery when it goes live. It’s really easy to set-up a series automated emails in ShootProof to remind your client that the gallery is about to close.

You can create automations. Here’s a simple automation with one email, but you could add a series of reminders.

3. Another incentive for visitors to purchase is to run a promotion. This could be free shipping or reduced prices for the first seven days for example. Again make it time based and set an automated email reminder to remind visitors to the gallery that the promotion is ending.

4. Think about how you price your prints and test different price points to discern how they convert. We did this a couple of years ago and found that by lowering the price of our prints a little we experienced an increase in orders and the value of those orders. You can easily amend how much you’re charging and ShootProof shows you exactly how much you’ll make per print which is pretty handy. Also think about pricing your smallest size fairly how and increasing the value as people spend more. Make it easy for them to jump to the next size by keep the incremental price increase low.

Now you have ShootProof set-up as a print selling machine join me on the blog tomorrow as I explain how to drive traffic to your online gallery.