The top vloggers on YouTube now have celebrity status. In this blog I share some of the people kicking ass on YouTube and explain how they made it.

Casey Neistat


Like all vloggers I’m about to mention, this thirty-six-year-old has a wide base of loyal fans who have tracked his career very closely. His first viral video looked at the short lifespan of the iPod’s battery, and he went on to create several classic YouTube videos. His subscribers have continued to grow over time and he now has over seven million subscribers on his channel. Casey recently sold his company to CNN and took a break from vlogging, but is back again posting a few videos a week.

Gary Vee


Gary Vaynerchuk is a legend when it comes to social media and vlogging. A best selling author of genre defining books he first rose to prominence with his daily show about wine, Wine Library TV. He has since went onto head up a successful media agency and his YouTube channel charts his daily ritual of hustling through Daily Vee and the AskGaryVee Show enables people to contact the show so Gary can answer their questions.



He started out by sharing his art and his life on Snapchat and the became a firm YouTube favourite. I first learned about him at the Power of Video Conference and have been hooked ever since.



Some of Devin’s videos have over 75 million views, so his channel is an absolute must. He got more than four million subscribers by doing various snow stunts, but after he broke more than a few bones, Devin decided that it might be a better idea to be behind the camera and not in front of it.



This fashion blogger has over 9.9 million subscribers and some of her videos have around seven hundred million views, so if you’re a fashionista and looking for inspiration and guidance, you should definitely hear what Zoella has to say. This gorgeous girl shares various tips, products she uses and how she thinks they should be applied.

What’s Inside


A son and father stand behind this genius yet simple vlogging idea – they cut things open and show their subscribers what’s inside! From MacBooks to bikes and the Rattlesnake example above it makes for insanely addictive viewing!

So, whether you’re searching for a new channel to be obsessed with or you’re doing some research before starting your own vlog, you’ll find these six channels quite helpful. Each of these stories is a mixture of persistence, talent and a bit of luck, which is something they don’t hesitate from sharing.