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Hi there! My name is Donal Doherty from Engage. 

We've curated eleven of our best selling wedding courses into an insanely great value bundle. 

With around 30 hours of online education in wedding photography, the course is perfect for those wanting to start shooting weddings or for professional photographers wishing to up their game.

The offer ends soon so if you're ready to start and grow your wedding photography business snap it up before the deal is gone forever!

A little about the Ultimate Wedding Bundle...


A bundle of lifetime access online courses for photographers who would like to master the art of wedding photography and create a successful business they love.

With over 30 hours of practical and theoretical educational videos seven leading wedding photographers make it easy to understand how to create beautiful wedding images and turn your passion into a business.

Here's what's included...

Course #1 - Wedding & Portraiture with Richard P Walton (£300 Value)

Join one of the photography industry’s most innovative and exciting photographers, the multi-award-winning Richard P. Walton, for this three day class on experimental wedding and portraiture.  

Walton will photograph two live shoots – one edgy and urban, involving one female model, the other involving a bride and groom pair in a rural setting – which he will set up, shoot and process according to his own inimitable style.  

This class will also involve an audience, who will offer up their images for critique. Walton is spend time editing images in Photoshop, revealing his tried and tested techniques for making the usual unusual, the ordinary extraordinary. 

Course #2 - Wedding Photography with Brett Florens (£200 Value)

An hour-long educational interview with Newborn & Baby Photographer of the Year 2014, Rob Mank, focussing on his business practice, bestselling techniques, award-winning style and the story of how he launched a successful photography business.  

The Craftsman Photographer shares: Tips on getting started // His essential kit // Pitfalls to beware of // The importance of safety // How to put baby, and parents, at ease // Finding new customers // His successes to date // Pre-shoot process // The shoot and experience // After shoot workflow // Props // And much more!

Course #3 - Off Camera Flash with Steven Neeson (£100 Value)

Join award-winning wedding photographer Steven Neeson and get to grips with photographing weddings using off camera flash. Having shots hundreds of weddings, and delivered many hands on workshops, Steven is an authority on the subject.  

Learn about the essential equipment you need, how to expose and pose subjects, utilise off camera flash both outdoors and indoors, and edit images that your clients will love. ‘I will teach how to use off camera flash at weddings efficiently and successfully,’ says Steven. ‘Stress free, with stunning results.  

‘We will go through things like balancing light using off camera flash, creating dramatic effects including turning day into night, using colour and creating cinematic images. I will use the latest off camera flash technology from Phottix like the new Odin ii TTL controller, the Phottix Mitros+ and Indra 500 flash units.  

‘I believe taking images correctly in camera but also believe that we need to finish an image correctly in post to give it that final touch. I will demonstrate how to get the best from images shot using off camera flash, how to finish a masterpiece for your client.’

Course #4 - Zen and the Art of Weddng Photography with Jay Dohery (£100 Value)

Wedding photographer Jay Doherty has a unique approach to work, one informed by a laid back, philosophical outlook on life.  

Having spent many years living in sun kissed California, developing an eye for an image by photographing fellow skateboarders and surfers, Jay returned home to Donegal to start a family and reconnect with the rugged coast.  

He has since established himself as one of Ireland's foremost wedding and portrait photographers, a maverick among many, who prides himself on gaining new clients primarily through word-of-mount.  

In this transformative two-hour class, Jay talks about the importance of developing a healthy mind and body to facilitate a healthy, happy business.  

Jay's work-life routine involves eating healthy, jogging in the mornings and spending time talking with clients, rather than endlessly posing them, to achieve a calm atmosphere on the biggest day of their lives.  

Learn about the power of PMA (positive mental attitude) // How to overcome adversity // Maintain motivation // Empathise with others // Create a business and portfolio that represents the real you  

If the thought of another wedding season on the horizon fills you with dread, this Engage Live class is a must watch.  

In Zen and the Art of Wedding Photography, learn to do what you can, where you are, with what you have – live the dream and get paid for it.

Course #5 - Wedding Album Design with Sarah Fyffe (£100 Value)

Join Sarah Fyffe, winner of PPANI Wedding Album of the Year 2016, as she shares her tips on how to design stunning wedding albums that your clients will love.  

A design graduate turned wedding photographer, Sarah brings a solid aesthetic approach to her wedding album designs – and you can too.  

Watch and learn as Sarah goes through the design of her Wedding Album of the Year using Fundy, the design software for professional photographers, image by image.  

See how she uses photographs that complement each other, mixes up her sets to include large and small images, and presents her work to clients.

Course #6 - Wedding Day Walkthrough (£50 Value)

Let Engage Live founder Donal Doherty walk you through a typical wedding day shot by shot, from the bride's house in the morning to the first dance at night in this one hour, twenty minute educational video class.  

Is your ambition to become a professional wedding photographer? Want to learn about how the average wedding day pans out for the wedding photographer at the centre of the action? Then this class is for you.  

Join Donal Doherty, one of Ireland's most successful wedding photographers, as he shares a full gallery of images documenting each individual wedding day shoot, from the bride and groom in the morning, to the ceremony, group shots, reception, speeches, dancing and more.  

Donal spends one hour twenty minutes talking through hundreds of essentials shots that his clients love and which ultimately make for stunning albums.  

Donal will share inside tips, hacks and techniques for shooting your first wedding day, which will enable you to approach the job with confidence and ultimately produce a gallery of images that your clients will love, with no glaring gaps.  

Established wedding photographers will also come away from this class with fresh ideas on creative compositions, shot selection consideration and more.

Course #7 - Shooting Bridal Details with Donal Doherty (£100 Value)

No wedding album is complete without details shoots of rings, shoes, flowers, the dress, the champagne and more. Your bride and groom will have paid big money to make their wedding day just right, and it’s your job as the wedding photographer to document all the little details that they put so much time and effort into sourcing, purchasing and showcasing on the day.  

Still life photography is, of course, not as easy as it looks. There are techniques to setting up, lighting and photographing inanimate objects. During a live shoot, Donal Doherty will demonstrate how to style and capture all the major and minor wedding day details to ensure your album won’t be lacking, including:Shoes // Rings // Wedding dress // Bridesmaids dresses // Paper goods // Perfume // Jewellery

Course #8 - Shooting Silhouettes with Donal Doherty (£50 Value)

It's not as easy as it looks – master the art of shooting silhouettes in this online masterclass. Observe a real shoot as Donal Doherty explains how to achieve silhouettes that really stand out. Learn how to compose, light, shoot and edit photographs that will light up your website and capture the imagination of future clients.

Course #9 - EPIC Sunset Portraits with Off Camera Flash with Donal Doherty (£50 Value)

This is set to be an incredible class focussing on how to capture breathtaking sunset images using off camera flash. Donal share's his super simple technique, which anyone can master and immediately understand and profit from. In this ten minute class observe a live shoot demonstrating the technique and be empowered to create stunning sunset images using your off camera flash.

Course #10 - Engagement Photography with Donal Doherty (£150 Value)

Join Donal Doherty, one of Ireland’s leading wedding photographers, for an intensive 3 hour long practical masterclass on how to compose and shoot stunning engagement photography.  

Whether as stand alone products or add-ons to your wedding collections, engagement or pre-wedding shoots can be a great source of additional revenue for jobbing photographers.  

Follow Donal as he shoots real couple John Paul and Melissa on the banks of the River Foyle in Derry, Northern Ireland – home of the Engage Live photography training academy – and Aaron and Clare at London Bridge in London.  

Learn from Donal's process as he talks about composition, lighting, location scouting, the importance of building a portfolio, educating clients, equipment, marketing and much, much more.

Course #11 - Second Shooting with Tom Nicholl (£100 Value)

Engage Live presenter Tom Nicholl first completed a wedding as a second shooter in 2013, while working as an assistant to Engage Live founder Donal Doherty. It was a daunting experience, showing up at the groom's house with no idea of what shots to capture, how to interact with and direct the groomsmen, how long he should shoot before moving on to the ceremony. The list of worries goes on...  

After second shooting over 50 weddings, however, Tom is now a dab hand, and has begun shooting weddings himself. Join Tom for a one-hour class and get the inside track on professional second shooting.  

Don't go in blind. Don't take on too much too soon. Learn how to ease yourself into the lucrative wedding photography market by becoming comfortable with your kit, building your shot selection, developing techniques for working with large and small groups, matching your style to your main shooter and much more.  

Plan your second shooter debut according to Tom's tried and tested schedule and get ideas for the kinds of photographs you need to capture with Tom's essential second shooter gallery.

Real People's Thoughts on The Ultimate Wedding Bundle Courses

Gemma Gilfillan : Photographer  

"Sarah Fyffe's Wedding Album Design course is a useful walk through of the process behind choosing images for appropriate storytelling and the design elements involved in putting an album together that will stand the test of time."

Mariana Carrillo: Photographer

"Richard P Walton’s Wedding & Portraiture class ROCKS!! I have been binge watching lesson after lesson and I can’t stop (because it’s that good). Richard is inspiring and empowers photographers to embrace their difference and do what works for them – which is incredibly refreshing."

Adam de-Ste-Croix: Photographer

"Great to see the in-depth vision of a different wedding photographer. Richard P Walton speaks in an honest manner and creates some interesting compositions."


The educators poured years of experience into these courses.

We understand that you're investing in the content and we want you to feel secure that it comes with a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee.

 If you're not happy with the course we're happy to offer you a 100% refund.



A: Each of the educators pulls from their years of experience to distill thier knowledge into easy to understand and follow steps. For that reason, the content will be relevant to those just getting started and to more experienced wedding photographers.


A: The bundle is designed to build your confidence to create amazing wedding images and experiences for your wedding clients. From shooting to post-production and marketing, you'll great an overview of all aspects of launching a wedding photography business.


A: As soon as you enrol you'll have immediate lifetime access to the Wedding Bundle of courses. You can start learning straight away or wait until you have more time on your hands. It's ready when you're ready! 


A: The wedding bundle is an eleven course bundle with of award winning online courses which last around 30 hours. Each of the educators share their experience and skills to enable you to create amazing images in video tutorials.


A: When you enrol you'll get access to the Engagers Facebook group. The Engage team and the others on the course are here to support you as you work through the course and start getting creating beautiful wedding photography. We're huge believers in community over competition and the group is a great place for you to encourage others and get that bit of help when you need it!



  • Wedding & Portraiture with Richard P Walton (£500 Value)
  • Wedding Photography with Brett Florens (£200 Value)
  • Off Camera Flash with Steven Neeson (£150 Value)
  • Zen and the Art of Wedding Photography with Jay Doherty (£150 Value)
  • Wedding Album Design with Sarah Fyffe (£100 Value)
  • Wedding Day Walkthrough with Donal Doherty (£100 Value)
  • Shooting Bridal Details with Donal Doherty (£100 Value)
  • Shoot Silhouettes with Donal Doherty (£50 Value)
  • EPIC Portraits with Off Camera Flash with Donal Doherty (£50)  
  • Engagement Photography with Donal Doherty (£150 Value)
  • Second Shooting with Tom Nicholl (£100 Value)
  • 100% Risk Free Guarantee

Total Value £1750