Julian Stone has collected over 10,000 images of 80s musical legends through his career as an outlaw Rock & Roll photographer. So far, these images have remained private. Until now. The very best of these images have been selected for a one-of-a-kind coffee table book, sharing secrets from the road. Julian has went to Kickstarter to get support for this labour of love.

‘No Cameras Allowed: My Career as an Outlaw Rock & Roll Photographer’

Stone’s images are compiled in a gorgeous, hardbound coffee table book. Readers are treated to photograph after photograph of rock & roll’s finest. Everyone from Prince to Huey Lewis, to Joan Jett.

Julian Stone, campaign creator, offers an extra dimension of experience by peppering the pages with the stories behind the images. The crazy adventures, getting chased by security and more than a few drunken fans.

Julian has decided to include various additional options for backers to get their hands on photographs, from individual, high-quality archival prints, to hand-held postcard-sized photos! On August 22nd the campaign launched and Stone is already well over half-way to reaching his $10,000 goal with only $1,242 to go.  There’s still time to back the campaign yourself and get a copy of this unique look at rock and roll in the 80s.


Visit Julian Stone’s Kickstarter page to learn more about the project and to pre-order the coffee table book, prints, postcards, and more.